Thursday, January 8, 2009

KANGEN – bukan band

i miss our moments. every little things we did still clearly keep in my brain. kangen makan nasgor ibu. disuapin. kangen roti bakar si aa. disumpelin. kangen makan mc flurry di pinggir amplas. diblepotin. kangen dibawain mcd buat saur. kangen masakin sandwichil, bruchetta love, nasgor cumii ama chococil yang dibuat pake bumbu cinta (ahaha norak gue). buset dah kok makanan smua yah yang dikangenin? gue laper apa kangen? haha

kangen nyanyi bareng sambil dimainin gitar. rebutan main supercow.
movie box! oh damn. cium idung. hihi jalan kaki keliling-keliling, beli baju bareng. nyasar bareng juga uda perna. kangen diancurin obat trus diminumin obat. ditungguin gosok gigi. ditungguin cuci muka waktu sakit. ditungguin mandi. hobi nunggu yah, boy? hhe

i just love when we talk bout shit. you know you’re always be the best shit talker. seeing each other eyes without saying anything. just let our mind talks. i love when you touch my head and play with my hair. when you bite me, it’s cute i think. holding hands. cuddling with you. and i felt being loved when you put the blanket on me. i love when you hug me tight, so that i can feel your warmth. i do love to kiss you like thousand times. and it was nice waking up next to you..
i miss when you singing me to sleep. i miss when you whispering little words in my ear. and oh laughing while kissing.
dont you wish that we could forget that kiss.

it hurts to say that i want you to stay. sometimes.
but see, alone we stand. together we fall apart. i think i’ll be alright.

for now on, im gonna stop wonder why. you are my – no longer – bi. and i have my fabulous life to live. i aint wasting no more time. good f-ing bye.

now playing : someday – the strokes

butterfly kiss,



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  2. iya akan sesering mungkin di update kok. thanks babytir. :)