Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nina bobo

barusan abis ngobrol ama mari, trus disuru mari dengerin lagunya nina yang someday. gue sih ga terlalu suka lagunya tapi bgtu gue tau liriknya.
duh cukup menohok hati. helps me a little bit to cure this rotten feelin.
so, for everyone whose having a same problem like me – being dumped or maybe just broke up, try listening to this song.

here’s the lyric.

someday you’ll gonna realize
one day you’ll see through my eyes
but then i wont even be there
i’ll be happy somewhere
even if i cant

i know
you don’t really see my worth
you think you’re the last guy on earth
well i’ve got news for you
i know im not that strong
but it wont take long
wont take long

cos someday, someone gonna love me
the way, i want you to need me
someday, someone gonna take your place
one day i’ll forget about you
you’ll see, i wont even miss you
someday, someday

but now
i know you cant tell
im down, and im not to do anyway
but one day these tears
they will all run dry
i wont have to cry
sweet goodbye

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